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When we created Grubhouse Gastrobar and Grill, we made service the key ingredient to our dining experience. With such ferocious dedication, our logo took the form of a bright, golden lion. It’s an emblem of the strength of our team, a fierce reflection of our dishes and the vividness of our artistic vision.

Grubhouse offers the best excuse to leave the den and spend time with your pride. Savor our classic American dishes that come with a special Latin twist, dine out with pals on a night of live music, or get drinks with friends and catch a sports game as you rumble with joy for your favorite team.

Eat together. Watch together. Roar together.


Happy Hour

From Monday to Friday 4PM to 7PM

Spend time with your pride

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Getting your favorite food delivered to doorsteps has never been so easy. Now you can order delivery or pickup online and avoid waiting on hold or repeating your credit card number over the phone.

Here at Grubhouse, we want to make things as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we offer 10% OFF your first order when ordering online, just use promo code: WELCOME at checkout.

Download our app or order directly from our Website and enjoy ordering our delicious food today. We pledge that your order will be right and right on time.




Dine out with your friends on a night of entertainment. Every night there’s something different from live music to comedy, or catch a sports game with your pals. Grub a drink as you rumble with joy every night of the week.

Eat together. Watch together. Roar together.

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