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Monday – Friday
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Our House Chicken Sandwich and a delicious broth.

10 Chicken wings with a side of rice or potato

Fish sandwich with French fries

American Burger with French fries

Our House Chicken sandwich with French fries

¼ Grilled chicken with a side of white rice, beans, or maduros

Spaghetti Pasta with meat sauce


Monday – Friday
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Fish and French fries

Grilled Steak with a side of white rice, and beans

Chopped Steak with a side of Moro rice, and maduros

Half-rack BBQ ribs with a baked potato

Chicken parmesan with spaghetti pasta

½ grilled chicken with side of rice, and beans

Grub Chicken Salad

Cuban-seasoned chicken breast with Moro rice, and a salad


Grubhouse Sliders $10.99

A slider of crispy yuca hash browns, breaded fish, avocado, and the pride of our pride, Grubhouse’s special chipotle.

Patacones $12.99

This appetite-tamer is a classic: green plantains fried to perfection and topped with a burst of shredded short rib.

Chicken Wings $7.00

5 Pieces. Your choice of breaded or nonbreaded chicken wings for a mighty and mouthwatering feast worthy of any lion. 10 pieces for $10.99 - 20 pieces for $17.99
Your choice of Sauce: BBQ, Spicy, Plain, Guava BBQ, Buffalo

Chicken Tenders $8.99

A bounty of bold chicken tenders and golden French fries with delicious honey mustard.

Korean Chicken Wing Lollipops $10.00

The hunt is over with this fun chicken wing appetizer paired with a flavor-packed Asian wing sauce.

Pork Wings $15.00

Pork wings served with a paradise-worthy guava BBQ and pommes noisette is an excellent choice for an exciting meal!

Quinoa balls $7.00

A delicious bite of roasted quinoa balls, creamy cilantro and chipotle sauce.

Beef Sliders $10.00

Nothing like a classic slider of grilled beef and potato hash browns to get the appetite going!

Pulled Pork Sliders $10.00

Upgrade your dining experience by ordering this slider full of exciting flavors: slow-roasted shredded pork, refreshing cucumber, and a lively cilantro sauce.

Yuca fries $8.00

Delicious yuca fries with a crazy-good, creamy cilantro sauce.

Grubhouse Mac ‘n’ Cheese $14.00

Mac ‘n’ Cheese like you’ve never had it before. Blasts of Manchego cheese, crispy bacon, and topped with shredded short ribs.

Grub Rolls $9.99

You won’t want to share this wild appetizer with anyone! Order these buns with pork carnitas and melting onions for a stunning treat.

Nacho Libre $10.99

The passion of Mexico’s greatest luchadores go into making these nachos: tortilla chips, lettuce, sour cream, jalapenos, a mouthwatering Pico de Gallo, and mixed cheeses.

Quesadilla $9.99

Try this fierce quesadilla made with flour tortilla and a savory blend of cheeses. Give it a boost with the addition of grilled chicken! for $1.99

Lotus Flower $8.99

This blossoming fried onion bursts into colorful flavors when paired with our special chipotle sauce.

Golden Rings $8.99

Bright, golden, and perfectly crispy fried calamari rings paired with tasty tartar sauce.

Mr. Chao $8.99

A rich blend of flavors goes into this app of feisty pork dumplings, scrumptious cabbage, and sweet chili sauce.

Grub Shrimp $9.99

A boldly breaded shrimp dressed to the nines with a robust cilantro and chipotle sauce and crisp potato wedges.

Shrimp Cocktail $11.99

Bold party flavors go into this cocktail of boiled shrimp, cocktail sauce, and fiery aji Carretillero.

Pride Sampler $14.99

A bonanza of delicious bites, this sampler includes heart-melting cheese pockets, pork dumplings, calamari rings, yuca fries, chicken tenders, and an assortment of fun sauces.

Cheese pockets $7.99

Potatoes sticks filled with cream cheese and chives, creamy cilantro sauce

Bao Buns $12.99

Light and divine steamed buns that pack a punch of flavor with pork belly, carnitas, cucumber, and melting onions.

Tuna Crudo $12.00

Don’t hesitate to order and devour this Fresh tuna, yuzu juice, aji Amarillo appetizer

Pork Belly $14.00

Try this sweet app for a blast of flavor: Guava BBQ, aji Carretillero, and mashed sweet potatoes.

Tuna Tartare $12.00

Fresh and revitalizing avocado, diced tuna, sesame oil, and deliciously crispy fries.

Popcorn Chicken/Shrimp $12.00

Your choice of our signature Buffalo or guava BBQ, served in a waffle cone and an assortment of fun sauces.

Cheese Flatbread $12.00

A delicious pillow-soft flatbread topped with our special homemade tomato sauce and cover with melted cheese. Simply irresistible! Add Pepperoni for $1.99


Want to give your salad a personal touch? Choose some extra toppings!
Add shrimp $4.99, chicken $3.99, grilled steak $4.99, Mahi $5.99 or grilled Tuna $5.99

Cobb Salad $6.99

Refreshing and juicy tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon, eggs, and crispy lettuce.

Caesar Salad $6.99

Try this energizing Caesar salad full of uplifting ingredients: lettuce, parmesan, and fresh croutons.

Grub Salad $6.99

Recharge with our special Grub Salad of cool mixed greens, croutons, crisp yuquitas, tomatoes, onions, black olives.

Greek Salad $6.99

Give your day a boost with our Greek Salad: lettuce, cucumbers, Feta cheese, onions, and black olives.


Chicken Soup $6.99

Choose this heart-warming chicken soup will give your soul a boost!

Ajiaco $7.99

Restore and revive with our classic Ajiaco, a stew native to Cuba full of energy-boosting ingredients like indigenous root vegetables and chicken.


Party in Philly Cheese Sandwich $10.00

The undisputed king of cheese steak subs comes with thinly sliced beef, savory Muenster cheese, sweet green peppers, and crunchy onions.

Good Times Chicken Sandwich $10.00

This breaded chicken sandwich is spiced with Cuban mojo, as well as fresh mixed greens, and balanced with a creamy cilantro sauce.

Mighty Spicy Meatball Sub $11.00

A classic that never gets old, homemade meatballs swimming in a rich spicy marinara sauce and topped with gooey melted Parmesan.

Tropical Mahi Catch Sandwich $13.00

Roar for this Cajun-spiced blackened Mahi fillet sandwich packed with a jungle of mixed greens, melting onions, and tartar sauce.

Cuban Prowl Sandwich $11.00

A Cuban-inspired sandwich takes you for a prowl of delicious ingredients: tender pork, melting onions, Muenster cheese, and crunchy, crispy fries.

Tuna Feast Sandwich $13.00

Try this tasty catch of a sandwich: Cajun-spiced tuna, mixed greens, tartar sauce, and scrumptious onions.

Paint the Town Steak Sandwich $14.00

This item is a fun night out in sandwich form, with steak cooked in the style of carne asada, and awesome flavors: onion, mixed greens, savory Chimichurri, and Encurtido sauce.

Devour Power Pork Belly Sandwich $12.00

Harness the power of your wild side and order this appetizing pork belly sandwich that comes with a delicious guava BBQ sauce, melting onions, and aji Carretillero.


Add bacon $1.99, add mushrooms $1.99, add cheese $0.99 and/or add extra meat $2.99

Americana Shindig Burger $10.00

A classic American burger that’s just bursting with flavor.

Secret Garden Burger $12.00

This revitalizing vegetarian burger is made with a scrumptious quinoa patty.

El Mero Macho Burger $13.00

Want a Burger that sings with flavor? Try El Mero Macho—it comes with guacamole and delicious Pico de Gallo.

Green Thumb Burger $14.00

Try something different with this delicious garden-fresh burger topped with avocado instead of buns for fantastic taste in every bite.

Mac Burger $14.00

A genius invention that combines your favorite classic dishes: Burger + Mac ‘n’ Cheese

El Sifrino Burger $13.00

This vibrant burger combines arepa, Venezuelan nata, and white cheese in beautiful harmony.

Grubhouse Burger $13.00

Forget burger buns! Try tostones in our special Grubhouse burger full of platanos maduros, cilantro and chipotle sauce.

Mr. Simpson Burger $14.00

Inspired by a TV classic, this burger wild flavors come from the addition of a glazed, Simpson-style strawberry donut.

The big Cheese $14.00

This burger has panko breaded mozzarella cheese instead of buns!


Want to take your pasta to the next level? Add your favorite protein!
Add Shrimp $4.99, add chicken $3.99, add grilled steak $5.99, add Mahi $5.99, add grilled Tuna $5.99

Feisty Alfredo $10.99

Fettuccini pasta with dreamy, creamy Alfredo sauce is made with a savory and rich white sauce infused with garlic, butter, heavy cream, and Parmesan.

Red Roar $9.99

A classic red spaghetti pasta dish reimagined with wild, exciting flavors.

Lasagna Love $12.99

Nothing’s stronger than the power of love! Try this lasagna for a heart meat sauce and mixed cheeses.

Pesto Power $10.99

Penne pasta with a traditional pesto made with our typical Grubhouse touch: powerful flavors!

Rosada $10.99

Why choose one when you can get two? The Rosada brings you all the beautiful flavors found in our red and white sauces on top of Pappardelle Pasta.

Fiesta $19.99

Get ready to party with the Fiesta! This wild dish includes red, white, and pink sauces for a fiesta of tasty pasta. You choose between Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Pappardelle or Penne Pasta


Grilled Churrasco $18.99

If we could only use one word to describe our churrasco, we would use the fire emoji. A churrasco grilled to perfection served with green and red chimichurri rice and French fries.

G-Ribs $13.99

Half Ribs, Full Rack $18.49. We’re turning up the heat with our absolutely mouthwatering grilled G-Ribs, sure to satisfy any meat lover! Served with your choice of French fries, baked potato or sweet potatoes fries.

Flat Iron $15.99

This melt-in-your-mouth, flavorful Flat Iron cut is the steak you’ve been dreaming about. Served with rice, beans, and delicious baked potato.

N.Y. $17.99

This may be a N.Y. steak cut, but it’s accompanied in typical Miami flavors: Moro rice and delectable crispy maduros.

Chicken Breast $12.99

A dish you’ll want to rave about! Tender and moist chicken breast grilled in our tasty Grubhouse style and served with Moro rice and maduros.

Picanha $15.99

Brazil’s favorite cut, known here as the sirloin cap, is a savory meal served with rice beans and our classic Miami maduros.

King of the Jungle Rib Eye $24.99

This rib eye is fit for royalty and grilled to rule. Enjoy this regal cut served with vegetables and sweet potatoes fries.

1/2 Roasted BBQ Chicken $10.99

Filling and ridiculously finger-lickin’ good, this BBQ chicken comes with rice, beans, and maduros.

Short Ribs $15.00

Slowly-roasted short ribs au jus cooked with hearty tomatoes, roasted garlic, onions, sherry vinegar, comes with mashed potatoes, and vegetables seasoned for royalty.


Mahi-Mahi $16.99

Gorgeously seasoned with Cuban spices, and served with mashed potatoes and salad, this Mahi-Mahi is nirvana in your mouth.

Fresh Tuna $16.99

Blackened or grilled fresh tuna that sends you overboard with delicious flavors, Cuban seasoning, French fries and salad.

Salmon $15.99

A Caribbean-style salmon with delicious tropical spices, garlic-cheesy mashed potatoes, and yummy vegetables.

Snapper Fillet $16.00

A delightful Snapper fillet that’s been lightly-breaded and paired with Nuoc Nam and garlic-cheesy mashed potatoes.

Garlic Shrimp $19.99

Delicately-tossed shrimp cooked with a blend of garlic, parsley, and white wine, plus a side of side of crispy yuquitas.

Blue Fish $16.00

Cordon Bleu styled fish, full of vibrant and scrumptious flavors like ham, cheese, a silky, creamy sauce, yucas and hash browns.

Ropa No Tan Vieja $12.99

This Cuban classic, Ropa Vieja, is never out of fashion: pulled stewed beef served with rice, beans, and maduros.

The Three Amigos $13.00

Three tacos that happen to be best-flavored friends! These amigos come in three different fillings made from pork carnitas, pork belly, and pulled pork. Avocado and Pico de Gallo.

Chicken and Waffles $14.00

Chicken and waffles is the blend of breakfast and dinner you’ve always wanted, and it comes with a lively spiced honey.

Grubhouse Mac ‘n’ Cheese $14.00

The best Mac ‘n’ Cheese experience is at Grubhouse, and it comes with Manchego cheese and crispy bacon.

Fajitas $9.95

At Grubhouse, we are total fajita masters! Try one of our scrummy, lip-smacking fajita flavors, sautéed with onions, green peppers and Mexican spices.
Veggie $9.95
Chicken $11.99
Grilled Steak $12.99
Chicken and Steak $14.95


Fried Yucca $4.49

Sweet Potatoes Fries $3.99

French Fries $3.99

Baked Potatoes $2.99

Rice $2.99

Beans $2.99

Tostones $3.99

Salad $4.99

Mashed Potatoes $3.99

Vegetables Mix $3.99

Broccoli $2.99

Maduros $3.99

Moro Rice $3.99

Rice and Beans $3.99


Includes a soft drink with each order

Cub’s Club Steak $7.00

Baby steak for the young cubs, served with your choice of rice and French fries or rice and beans

Chicken Littles $7.00

Crispy chicken fingers that come with an option of rice and French fries or rice and beans

Fishies of the Sea $7.00

Deliciously flaky fish fingers for the kids, served with choice of rice and French fries or rice and beans

Pasta Blast $8.00

A rich and tasty party of flavors in this plate of red pasta and meatballs

Alfredito’s Meal Chicken $8.99

A classic pasta dish for the kids: Fettuccini Alfredo served with chicken or with shrimp for $2 more.

Say Cheese! Pizza $7.00

Smile for the pizza: a yummy dish full of silky, melted cheese!

Perferoni Pizza $8.00

Who doesn’t love a perfect pepperoni pizza?


The Judge $10.00

No judgement here if you devour this dessert in one sitting: a chocolate dome filled with Nutella, brownie, and vanilla ice cream.

Monkey Business $10.00

You’d be a fool not to try these exquisite crepes laced with banana liqueur, caramelized bananas, and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Frenchies $10.00

A lavish adventure of gourmet waffles, Nutella, refreshing berries, as well as a drizzled and delicious spiced honey.

Royal Donuts $6.99

This royal treat is an irresistible donut filled with decadent jelly and decorated with delicious vanilla icing.

Long Day Ice Cream Bath $7.99

A stressful day at work calls for a bubble bath and a tub of ice cream. But what if you can have both in one special treat? This sumptuous dessert tub is filled with Nutella and vanilla ice creams, a brownie, and a mini rubber duckie you can keep.

The King’s Throne $10.00

A sensational treat, this signature is made with molten chocolate, a delectable brownie, berries, and vanilla ice cream—all siting on a personal (porcelain) throne.

Sam’s Impossible Guava Cake $8.00

A rich and luscious dessert that combines cake with a gorgeous guava flan, topped with cream cheese icing.

Big A** Cookie $8.00

Enjoy this gloriously enticing red velvet cookie filled with Nutella, and top with creamy vanilla ice cream. Order a la mode for only $2 more!

Churro Fantasy Cheesecake $8.00

Indulge in a fantastical slice of our delicate dulce de leche cheesecake topped with a surprise of crunchy and deliciously crispy churros.

Lit! $10.00

Stuffed crepes with dulce de Leche, flambee with rum, and topped with Nutella Ice cream.


Sodas $2.99

Lemonade $2.99

Bottled Water $2.99

Glass of Milk $2.99

Iced Tea $2.99

Vanilla Milkshake $12.00

Chocolate Milkshake $12.00

Nutella Milkshake $12.00


House Cocktails

Negron y Que $11.00

A piquant twist on a classic Negroni made with barrel-aged gin, Campari, and a divine touch of vermouth.

Lavanda $11.00

This blooming cocktail is a lavender-infused Zyr vodka mixed with aromatic elder flower liquor and freshly-squeezed lime juice.

Suéltame la Paloma $11.00

An ambrosial drink made with a sharp and delectable Dulce Vida tequila and bold and sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice.

Grubhouse Piña Colada $11.00

Get tropical with our designer Piña Colada—a combination of pineapple-infused and Florida-sourced Ziami Rum, cream of coconut, and hibiscus.

Lychita $11.00

Try this cocktail for a taste of paradise made with lychee puree, the delicious Peruvian Pisco 100, and harmonious Flor de Jamaica.

Cucumber Mojito $11.00

A refreshing Mojito made cool and crisp with a succulent cucumber puree, mint, gin, and a floral note of elder flower.

Grub-arita $11.00

Wild and zesty Margaritas that bring you a classic Grubhouse twist on flavor. Choose from passion fruit, tamarind, or spicy passion fruit.

Maria la Sangrienta $11.00

Choose your own adventure with this spirited drink: Grub-made Bloody Mary mix, roasted tomatoes, celery, cheese, roasted bacon, salt, and your choice of spirit—vodka, gin, rum or tequila.

A la Antiguita/Old Fashioned $11.00

A straight-to-the-point Old Fashioned made with Bulleit bourbon, Angostura bitters, and a special Grubhouse syrup.

De Manhattan Pal Mundo $11.00

Be a connoisseur of the style with this trendy and electrifying Manhattan, made with Bulleit Bourbon, vermouth, and bitters.

Peruvian Pisco Sour $12.00

A legendary and elegant Pisco Sour made by our excellent mixologist: Pisco 100, freshly-squeezed lime juice, house-made syrup, and bitters.

Paolo's Mojito Marajito Glass $9.99

Lush and nuanced, this Mojito twist is made with passion fruit, mint, Pisco 100, fresh lime juice, house made syrup, and bitters. Choose from our two prices to order for yourself or to share this fantastic cocktail. Pitcher $32.00

Mimosas and Bellinis $8.00

Classic and delicious, these cocktails come in you favorite Miami flavors: guava, passion fruit, or orange.

Red or White Sangria Glas $7.00

Timeless and delectable White or Red Sangria balanced to perfection by our experts at Grubhouse. Pitcher $24.00